Description of the image

Title of the image: “Work is a right for everyone!”

The image portrays Marco Campanini: the very first italian politician who transformed his image into AN NFT.

Also, the first person with disabilities in the world who created an NFT of his own image. The image portrays significant moments of his political commitment.

The message he wants to convey with this initiative is the following: “Work is a right for everyone. People with disabilities must be guaranteed the right to have a job“.

Those who buy the NFT buy an image destined to have a unique historical value.

NFT published for the first time on May 1, 2021 on Labor Day during the period of the covid-19 pandemic.

The auction objectives based on the price levels achieved:

Achievement of 30 Ethereum – purchase of the Tesla Model 3.

Exceeding the 30 Ethereum threshold: any surplus sums will be used to create a Foundation for “The judicial protection of people with disabilities“.

His own story

Marco Campanini has a rare bone fragility, called Mc-Cune Albright Syndrome, has 2 degrees, a postgraduate degree and has obtained several awards and recognitions for his civic commitment.

Marco Campanini was among the first mayoral candidates in Italy with a severe disability:

– Mayor candidate in 2014 in the Municipality of Pieve di Cento (BO).

– Regional Councilor candidate in the Emilia-Romagna Region on January 26, 2020.

He is the author of 3 books written on law and rights about disability.

He is unemployed due to the difficulties companies have in hiring people with severe disabilities. He has made his commitment to politics to advance the demands of people with disabilities.

Marco Campanini lives for rent in an inaccessible house. To go downstairs he has to ask a personal assistant to use the stairlift.

Unfortunately in Italy 2/3 of people with disabilities are unemployed and do not have access to credit.

Marco Campanini’s dream, like that of any other person, was simple: to have a job that would allow him to take out a mortgage to buy a house and the car of his dreams (a Tesla Model 3) and have a family.

The realization of his dreams will be shared with the public through a blog, made up of images, thoughts and emotions.

We hear from his words, his situation:


Hello everyone dear friends,

before you bid, I have something to tell you.

Mine is an auction for something that I believe that one day will have a unique value for those who will buy it.

In fact, this digital image is already history.

It represents the image of the very first politician, the first person with disabilities ever to create an NFT of himself.

In creating the NFT, I decided to use my image, because I have always thought that you have to put your face in what you do.

I also think that an image must have a purpose, especially an NFT, given the cost it entails in terms of energy. For this reason, I wanted to link it to an important message of a social nature.

I'll be clear

I have always been transparent, which is also why I have decided to tell you how the funds will be used.

For better or for worse, I've always thought that people have to do it on their own.

My family has never made me miss anything. In this sense I was lucky.

But unfortunately in Italy 2/3 of people with disabilities are unemployed and do not have access to credit.

So, what I missed were the opportunities. I haven't had the opportunity to find a job that anyone else has.

I do not deny my disability, which in any case has made me what I am; but if only I had the opportunity to find a job, perhaps making sacrifices, working day and night, on weekends, working shifts, saving every last penny and a mortgage like everyone else does, maybe I would have made my dreams come true.

Unfortunately in this country, there is no place for people with disabilities. With the disability pension, you can't take a mortgage or even a loan, and you can't have a lease or pay a fee.

So here we are, those are my dreams, and what I offer to those who will allow me to make them come true.

Thanks a lot to all those who want to help me make my dreams come true!

Marco Campanini

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